Newsletter #1

Newsletter #1
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Hi there fellow techies !

It's been an insane couple weeks at work, but I churned out a couple more posts based off some things we ran into this week, and progressing on the Laravel In Kubernetes series.

Laravel in Kubernetes

I've published the latest instalment of the laravel-in-kubernetes series, which now also goes over exposing the Laravel application and securing it with Let's Encrypt certificates.

Laravel in Kubernetes Part 10 - Exposing the application
Our application is now successfully deployed in Kubernetes, but we need to expose it to the outside world. We can access it locally by running kubectl port-forward svc/laravel-in-kubernetes-webserver 8080:80 and going to http://localhost:8080. We need to expose our application to the outside world …

The home page for the series lists all of the available posts for the series in order and purpose. If you're sharing the series (❤), this would be the perfect page to share.

Deploying Laravel in Kubernetes
Deploying Laravel in Kubernetes simplifies running, scaling and monitoring Kubernetes in an easily reproducible way. There are plenty of aspects to take into account when running Laravel. FPM, Nginx, Certificates, Static Assets, Queue Workers, Caches, The Scheduler, Monitoring, Distributed Logging a…

What's next ?

The next big section, is distributed logging. A central place to look at logs across all the different pieces of the Laravel Deployment, as well as Cert Manager and Ingress thus far.

If you have any pieces you'd like to see covered in the series, feel free to reply to this mail, and let me know.

There is still plenty to cover for the series, but I want to make sure I cover the stuff you are interested in, as early as possible. Feel free to reach out any time you have any questions or need some help.

Kubernetes Ingress

I also write a separate blog called where I publish not tutorials, but rather explanations of common Cloud or Tech concepts.

This week, we did a deep dive into Kubernetes Ingress to explain how it works at a lower level.

The essential architecture looks like this.

Onto the next

The next couple weeks will be dedicated to publishing some more Laravel In Kubernetes articles, especially around logging and monitoring, and working on some SEO on the blog to reach more people.

Until next time

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